Cloudpoint Labs

Transforming planogram auditing, omni-channel retailing, construction monitoring, and automotive experiences with cloud-based computer vision.

Cloud-based Computer Vision

We connect mobile browsers and apps to powerful cloud-based computer vision so that your phone can see and tell you what is around you.

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Omni-channel retail

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We help your customers find what they want

We can analyze hundreds of products in a shopper's photo of an aisle and pinpoint the best match for a shopper based on reviews, promotions, price, etc. If you don't have it in the store, we can direct shoppers online to get it.


Planogram Management

Snap a photo with your mobile phone to see exactly how your display matches a reference model.

We can see your aisles and displays

We have the most advanced cloud-based computer vision system for analyzing photographs of aisles and displays to detect products that are out of place, out of stock items, missing signage, and other planogram issues.



Take a picture of your dashboard to learn how it works.

We can help car owners help themselves

Our computer vision engine has millimeter precision and can attach instructions to individual buttons and engine parts. Users don't even have to install an app to access their car's interactive web-based manual.



Take pictures of any construction element to retrieve reports attached to them.

We can see progress and reporting onsite

Our computer vision engine can see what construction elements you are looking at and automatically show you reports related to them. We can help you visually capture and record progress by looking at the photos taken on a job site.

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